Star-crossed and Lost


painting by Lissa Bockrath

Like a tsunami wave

in the backyard pond,

the enormity of my love

was too much for you.

A star-crossed love, brewing the tempest,

a union to displease the universe.

Empowered by my powerlessness,

an attempt to make you

more vulnerable than I.


We both lost

and were taken by the storm.

Holding on too tightly

made us weak.

So we let go of our future.

But still kept a grip,

clinging desperately to our past,

as we grieved what we could have been.

The wind screamed louder than

my wails of horror knowing

I’d lose you in an instant.


We were pushed further apart

by gusts of wind until we lost sight.

And now we no longer remember

the other’s face.


Goodbye, faceless lover.

Perhaps we’ll meet again in the calm,

because you will forever be

my most beloved “what if?”.


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