About the Writer 

Thanks for visiting my page! To read my work, click on the menu option near the top right corner. A list of the titles of my work will appear and you can click on the ones you’d like to read. Stay a while xx 


Just your less than average 22 year old woman from upstate Rochester, NY. Living the dream as a first generation college student from the State University of NY College at Brockport. I earned a BS in English Literature and am currently pursuing a Master’s in Literacy (bcuz reading iz kewl) & all while sounding incredibly pretentious. 

 I am teaching 11th grade English as a first year teacher. I teach to educate our youth about the important things in life such as the human condition, tolerance & empathy, and self-awareness. Advocator of destroying the Patriarchy & ending rape culture☮ 

If I am missing, you can probably find me at the local park with my dog or hiding from humans with my nose in a book.


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